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At ICS, business objectives are integrated with a sense of responsibility towards the community. As an organisation our growth is not limited to the balance sheet alone; we believe it should also benefit the community.

  • MiracleFeet - MiracleFeet envisions a world in which all children born with clubfoot receive treatment, enabling them to live fully productive, active and healthy lives. Clubfoot is a congenital birth defect that causes one or both feet to turn inward and upward. Founded by parents of children born with clubfoot in the US, MiracleFeet has helped change the lives of more than 30,000 children in 27 different countries. Stanford school partnered with Dr. Laura Ferreira’s team at the University of Sao Paulo to design the Miraclefeet brace. The design team and MiracleFeet are proud to have received several awards for it. In April 2016, MiracleFeet won a $1 million Google Impact Challenge Grant from Google.org. This grant is enabling MiracleFeet to further develop and scale technology platforms to enhance patient support, improve treatment quality and utilize e-learning and telemedicine.

    MiracleFeet India was established with the vision to eradicate disability caused due to untreated clubfoot in India. It funds 22 State Programs through 86 clinics and has treated over 13,000 children since 2011. The treatment costs’, on average, INR 14,000 per child and is free or extremely low-cost for the families who receive it.

    The Premnarayen family has been actively involved in setting up MiracleFeet India with ICS Group Founder and Chairman, Mr Deepak Premnarayen serving as the Chairman of the Board, actively supported by Mrs Neelima Premnarayen. Kunal Premnarayen, ICS Group CEO, serves on the MiracleFeet US Board.

  • 'Olympic Gold Quest' (OGQ) - Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ) is a Not for Profit foundation for Promotion of Sports. OGQ is committed to empowering Indian athletes to win Olympic medals. Founded by Indian sporting legends Geet Sethi and Prakash Padukone, OGQ’s first test was the London 2012 Olympics where 4 out of the 6 Indian medalists were supported by OGQ.
  • Mr. Deepak Premnarayen, our Chairman, has been an active sportsman and played National level badminton and University level cricket. Our Group CEO, Kunal Premnarayen, was ranked among the top 5 junior tennis players in the country. Hence, supporting OGQ and the aspiration to get Indian athletes to win more Olympic medals is something that the Group is passionate about.

  • The ‘Premnarayen Education Trust’ works with underprivileged children to give them access to quality education. Mrs. Neelima Premnarayen takes personal interest and is actively involved in the betterment of the lives of underprivileged children.
  • Conservation of Flora and Fauna – ICS is closely involved in conservation of nature through its hospitality division – Ayana Hospitality. The team has till date planted over 4,000 trees at its wildlife properties in Central India and supports various flora and fauna focused research projects, in and around the properties.