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SPS Advantage

The SPS Advantage

Ahead of its time, ICS anticipated the need to provide integrated solutions in the organised car park management sector in the country. Secure Parking Solutions (SPS) was established as a culmination of this need. Today, SPS is the largest parking operator in India with over 140 sites, 1,00,000+ parking bays and employees over 3,000+ professionals.


In 2007, ICS partnered M/s Secure Parking, Australia (Auspark) to form Secure Parking Solutions in India. Established in 1979, Auspark is the largest car park operator in Australia and has successful operations in more than 1700 car park projects across Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India, Philippines, UAE, Lebanon and Syria. Thus, the base created in the industry by the ICS Group was strengthened by its partner’s first world technology and operational expertise. Today, SPS has a pan-India presence.


SPS provides end-to-end solutions right from the conceptualisation or design stage up to actual car park management.

Services provided by Secure Parking Solutions include:

  • Car park planning / design services / consultancy
  • Traffic impact and parking demand analysis
  • Overall car park strategy & management
  • Access to engineering and car park construction solutions
  • Recommendation, installation & maintenance of access control equipment, parking equipment and signage
  • Feasibility and revenue modelling
  • Marketing and other re-engineering services to boost revenues and improve customer convenience
  • Valet parking solutions