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Why ICS?

Vision and Culture

The vision at ICS is to create a truly unique organisation recognised for it’s utmost integrity, international best practices, high quality services and cutting edge innovation.

Value Proposition for Talent

ICS’ aspiration is to create a truly distinct organisation and become a world class leader. ICS firmly believes that people are at the core of its success. It is our people who provide us with the means to excel.

International partnerships/alliances enable ICS to acquire and leverage global capabilities. With a diversified set of businesses, it fosters the development of multi-disciplinary skills.

ICS offers a promising career path. It has developed a compelling value proposition for talent, the key elements of which are outlined below:

  • Excellent quality of work
  • Enabling environment
  • Inspirational values
  • Development and skills upgradation opportunities
  • Career progression with future individual growth
  • Strong performance culture
  • Competitive tangible rewards
  • Most importantly, “supporting you”

At ICS Group, we strive to ensure that all of us take those much-deserved breaks from time to time. Be it fun & games, birthday celebrations, new joinee welcoming, offsites, treks, educational workshops or CSR.