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The Pioneering Spirit

The ICS Group has diverse interests that include real estate, hospitality, asset management and financial services. ICS Realty is the Group’s holding company for real estate businesses, apart from investments.

The ICS Group has had the opportunity to be a part of the ‘rising India’ story and through the various business divisions; has been a contributor towards the growing real estate sector.

At ICS, we believe that true leaders set their sights firmly on the future even as they redefine the present, that they create value even as they inspire change.

The Partnership Quotient

A leading presence in India, the ICS Group has been an established player since 1999. The Group identifies category defining opportunities that have the potential to create and change landscapes. Essential in this quest are our joint ventures with leading global enterprises with whom we share a symbiotic relationship - merging our local knowledge and experience with their international best practices.

Over the past decade, we have tied up with renowned domain leaders for each identified opportunity. Our in-depth understanding of the Indian market coupled with the expertise of our partners has helped create winning partnerships, thereby creating value for all our stakeholders - investors, partners and clients.

The 4 P’s at ICS

  1. Pioneer: ICS has been a pioneer in the real estate sector through its various businesses. We have identified and capitalised in niche and emerging segments in this sector.
  2. Partner: Over the last decade, our knowledge bank, together with our understanding of the Indian market, has made us the partner of choice for renowned international domain leaders.
  3. Passion: At ICS, we believe that following your passion is the only way to excel at what you do. Our owner-manager culture helps build this passion across the organisation.
  4. Perseverance: We entered nascent industries in the real estate sector and with our skill sets and those of our international partners, the gaps in these industries have been successfully plugged.